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Minimizing wound care pain

Patients suffering from wounds often have anxiety about the wound care process. A number of studies suggest that the pain of dressing changes can impair healing.  We solved this problem more than 30 years ago by developing Safetac®️ technology, which is clinically proven to hurt less when removed, avoid maceration and reduce the need for pain medication.  

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Keeping patients free of pressure injuries

Pressure injuries are a rampant side effect of healthcare, affecting 15% of acute care and 28% of long-term care patients. They’re the second-most common cause of medical malpractice civil suits. The average settlement? $250,000, with some awards reaching $312 million.   There’s a reason these judgments are so high: pressure ulcers are extremely painful, life threatening and may be preventable.  

Mölnlycke helps health systems prevent these devastating injuries with sophisticated solutions. For instance, our effectiveness of our Mepilex® Border dressings are supported by, have yielded more than 80 pieces of evidence proving their effectiveness in pressure ulcer prevention.  

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Patient bathing is good for well being

Being confined to bed affects an individual’s sense of control and well-being. A bed bath can do wonders to lift a patient’s mood and improve their self-image and comfort. It also offers health benefits because the clinician can more closely examine the skin and stimulate circulation.

Our Hibi® Universal Bathing System (HUBS) combined with our Hibiclens® antiseptic skin cleanser makes the process more efficient and comfortable while also aiding in infection control. See how the system works to enhance patient care.



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