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1. Rapid absorption without swelling

The foam layer allows rapid absorption of both normal and viscous exudate.  It is better at handling exudate than comparable dressings    allowing you to leave it on for longer. 



2. Exudate channeled to increase breathability

The layers of the dressing channel exudate away from the wound bed and spread it over a wide surface area to increase moisture vapor loss. Minimal swelling.   Maximum conformability.   Low profile.



3. Bacteria trapped away from the wound

The superabsorbent fibers in in the retention layer prevent exudate containing bacteria from re-entering the wound bed, even under compression.  



4. Exudate tracked without dressing removal

The Exudate Progress Monitor allows the spread of exudate to be objectively assessed and recorded, without disturbing the wound.  



Exudate Progress Monitor

We have added a dot pattern on the backing film-the unique Exudate Progress Monitor—so you can easily track and record fluid as it spreads, without disturbing the wound.  

See how it works. Speak with a Mölnlycke representative to learn more about how Mepilex® Border Flex works. 



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