Orthopaedic products

Orthopaedic products

The prevention of infection is of paramount importance in all surgery. The consequences of a surgical site infection are always unwelcome especially so in orthopaedic surgery. We are experts in the field of post operative surgical site infection and its prevention. We supply a wide range of clinically proven high quality and effective surgical gowns, drapes, gloves (latex, indicator systems, synthetics) and antiseptics that aim to reduce this issue.

Other products used beyond the operating room are available to restrict movement of the neck (also due to strains and sprains) or to immobilise shoulder and arms. Different tubular bandages can be used on limbs and where needed around the hip (e.g. hip spica) and sacrum. There are also products that support the limbs and extremities after surgery. Elastic bandages can be used to relieve back pain during and after pregnancy and support the lumbar vertebrae and the muscles of the lower back. This can be particularly useful immediately after surgery.

Orthopaedic products

Biogel PI OrthoPro

When robust barrier protection is necessary, such as in orthopaedic surgery


Used to treat neck strains and sprains by restricting movement of the cervical...


Can be used to form a variety of effective slings and braces, such as a...


Used to provide arm support or to immobilise the shoulder and arm. Polysling...

Tubigrip Arthro-Pads

Used to provide support for the elbow or knee after injury or surgery....

Tubigrip Hip Spica

Holds dressings and drains securely in place following hip surgery. It...


Tubigrip™ multi-purpose tubular bandage


Limb tubular bandage

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