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Mepilex Border Post-Op wins Health Product of the Year 2015

By: Mölnlycke Health Care, August 11 2016Posted in: Wound Care

Mölnlycke Health Care is proud to announce that Mepilex® Border Post-Op has been awarded the Best Healthcare Product 2015 at ANECORM (external link, site in Spanish only), one of the largest healthcare conferences in Spain.

The award, set up to honour a product that delivered the best patient safety, innovation and improved quality of care for patients, also required that the winning product must create added value for both the patient and environment – improving healthcare, reducing costs and maximizing the use of resources. Mepilex Border Post-Op, both in practice and backed by evidence, has proven itself to fit these stringent criteria, as set and decided by the awarding committee.

As cited by the awarding jury, Mepilex Border Post-Op has taken the full picture into consideration throughout its development. With patient comfort and mobility key, the dressing is highly conformable to enable patient movement and mobility. Also key to its winning properties, the Mepilex Border Post-Op dressing with Safetac® technology is designed to keep the number of dressing changes to a minimum, both to give the wound a chance to heal undisturbed and protected and to maximize its cost efficiency.

The Urology and Trauma Supervisor at Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, Spain, Pilar Pastor Blasco, shared her perspective on the value that Mepilex Border Post-Op provides in her practice:

"Mepilex Border Post-Op has improved the quality of surgical wound treatments in patients who have undergone orthopaedic surgeries without having changed our working methodology and providing a streamlining related to both material and human resources. The Post Op features allow to maintain the same dressing until the withdrawal of staples, enabling the review of wound and preventing injuries caused by repeated changes."

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