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Powder keg: The dangers of powder in surgical gloves

By : Mölnlycke Health Care, March 14 2017Posted in: Staff & patient safety

The dangers of powder in surgical gloves have long been known and well-documented.

Eliminating the use of glove powder can help eliminate several adverse health effects that may result from its use, such as postoperative adhesions, granulomas, wound contamination and delayed wound healing1,2.

Other health effects

Surgical glove powder can also cause the following adverse health effects:

Increased risk of surgical site infections (SSIs):

Glove powder can trigger reduced resistance to infection, bacterial environmental contamination, foreign body reaction, delayed wound healing, adhesion formation and granuloma formation1,2. All of these potential consequences can increase the risk of surgical site infection (SSI)3.

Latex allergy and occupational asthma:

Powdered latex gloves have been implicated as the largest single contributor to the latex aeroallergen levels in a healthcare facility4,5. Latex proteins can be aerosolized by attaching to glove powder. This not only increases the risk of acquiring a latex allergy, but can also increase the risk of acquiring occupational asthma6.

Glove powder increases latex allergy sensitization, potentially eliciting delayed hypersensitivity reactions. Powdered surgical gloves show higher levels of natural rubber latex allergens than gloves that are powder-free. This allows for the potential increase in latex sensitization and/or Type I reactions upon direct and indirect contact7,8,9,10,11,12.

For more information about the dangers of powder, please read the publication of the Top Clinical Reasons to Wear Powder-Free Gloves (external link, opens in a new window).

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