Mepilex Lite - The clinically proven way to manage radiation-induced erythema

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Of the millions of women diagnosed with breast cancer every year, most are treated with radiation therapy and 80-90% of them develop skin reactions that can seriously affect these patients quality of life.

The only clinically proven way to significantly reduce the severity of the skin reactions is to use Mepilex® Lite1

Mepilex Lite is comfortable to wear and soothes the damaged skin. Friction is reduced and normal clothes can be worn.

Find out how you can use Mepilex Lite in this articel

Here’s an extract from the Diggelmann Mepilex Lite trial

Katie Digglemann

About 900,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually, according to the World Health Organization, (WHO). Erythema occurs in 80-90% of women treated for breast cancer with radiation therapy. Currently, there is no standard treatment for radiation-induced skin reactions. This study is the first to prove a clinically effective treatment that would make life a lot easier for women with breast cancer undergoing radiation therapy.

24 patients presented with 34 erythematous areas of skin. Areas of skin from the same woman were in different areas of the breast, each receiving a different radiation dose. Each affected area was divided into two halves, one treated with Mepilex® Lite dressings and the other with the standard aqueous cream. The results showed a significant reduction in the radiation-induced erythema compared with the aqueous cream. Mepilex showed an average increase in RISRASi score to 1.7 when the aqueous cream saw an increase of 2.4.

The investigator stated that not only did Mepilex Lite show a clear reduction in radiation-induced erythema. The majority of the women also preferred the dressings over the cream and thought they increased the comfort levels. It was also reported that the amount of pain experienced decreased and the treatment did allow the women to wear normal clothing.

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1. Diggelmann KV et al. Mepilex Lite dressings for the management of radiation-induced erythema: a systematic in-patient controlled clinical trial. The British Journal of Radiology, 2010.

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