Do not disturb




How do we heal? A dressing cannot heal a wound. The body heals it. Dressings can disturb or destroy or help and support.

How do we heal? The fact is, the complete mechanisms of
wound healing are still not fully known. And to complicate
matters, no two wounds will be – or heal – exactly alike. A dressing doesn’t heal a wound. The body does, but a good dressing can help the body heal. Experience and intuition tell us it just makes sense that the less you disturb the healing process itself, the more effective it will be. 

  • Bio-related factors can disrupt the healing process
    -  infection stands out, or immunity/cell regeneration differences between patients.
  • Environmental factors can slow or stop healing – changes in temperature, stripping of epithealized cells or periwound skin, exudates spread or irritation due to an in-appropriate dressing.
  • Human factors can disturb healing – scratching or bumping the wound site, avoiding treatment or compliance, accidental traumas… even diet.

Stress delays healing >

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