Stop Pressure Ulcer Day

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Are all 5-layer foam dressings the same? The truth behind the effectiveness of 5-layer foam dressings in pressure ulcer prevention.

Pressure ulcers remain a frequently occurring problem that is associated with a huge health-related, economic and social burden. The implementation and adherence to evidence-based preventive strategies are key to reducing the impact of pressure ulcers globally.

Mölnlycke hosted a global webinar highlighting the latest research on the use of 5-layer foam dressings for pressure ulcer prevention, in particular focusing on the key considerations that clinicians and hospital management should be aware of when choosing a 5-layer foam dressing.

Stop Pressure Ulcer Day Webinar
Presented on Wednesday 15 November 2017

The webinar is presented in English.

View the recorded webinar.

Meet the experts


 Prof. Nick SantamariaProf. Nick Santamaria (RN, RPN, B.App.Sc, Grad Dip Health ED, M.ED. St, PhD University of Melbourne & Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia


Amit GefenProfessor Amit Gefen (B.Sc., M.Sc.,Ph.D. Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel)