Clinical Innovation: Results of a 5-year Pressure Injury Prevention project Webinar

By : Mölnlycke Health Care, September 26 2016Posted in: Events

A Pressure Injury Prevention project by Prof. Nick Santamaria, RN, RPN, B. App. Sc., Grad Dip Health ED, M.ED St., PhD.

Originally presented at the CAWC 2016 Conference on Friday, November 4, 2016  This presentation will be recorded and archived here for your future reference.


Pressure injuries impose a substantial financial burden. The need for high quality health care while expenditures are constrained entails the interest to calculate the cost of preventing and treating pressure ulcers and their impact on patients, healthcare, and society. Dr. Santamaria undertook an extensive project to review the impact of prevention dressings on critically ill patients... with exciting results.

Prof. Nick SantamariaProf. Santamaria is Professor of Nursing Research, Translational Research at The University of Melbourne and The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia. His research involves the prevention of pressure ulcers in critically ill trauma patients in ICU.



  • The aim was to investigate the clinical efficacy of the use of Mepilex Border Sacrum and Mepilex Heel dressings in preventing pressure injuries in crically ill ICU patients when applied in the Emergency Department
  • High risk patients were used in the trial
  • Cost - benefits were analyzed
  • Aim to reduce PIP by 3.5%
  • Two groups of 220 patients - one with Molnlycke products, one without
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