Self-adhesive dressings – Mepore® Film

Conforms to the skin and is effortlessly applied while wearing gloves

Mepore® Film is easy to use even when gloved thanks to its optimised support frame. The transparent self-adhesive film dressing is ideal for secondary fixation and as primary dressing for a wide range of clean wounds. Mepore Film follows the contour of the patient’s body and protects against viruses, bacteria (microbes larger than 25nm) and fluid strike-through.

Highly breathable transparent film that prevents leakage

Conforms to the body, protecting against viruses and bacteria (larger than 25 nm)

Skin-friendly adhesive providing patient comfort at removal

Easy to use even when wearing gloves

Breathable transparent self-adhesive film dressing 



Mepore Film is a transparent self-adhesive film dressing ideal as secondary fixation dressing and as a primary dressing for a wide range of clean wounds. Mepore Film's application system is designed for ease-of-use. Mepore Film provides a flexible, transparent covering to protect the wound, whilst conforming to surface irregularities and body contours. The film provides a barrier to fluid strike-through and viral and bacterial contamination.

Indications for use:

Mepore® Film can be used as a conformable fixation dressing to cover primary dressings such as hydrogels, alginates, and foam dressings.

Mepore® Film is also designed for a wide range of clean wounds in the granulation phase, such as

  • Superficial burns
  • IV sites
  • Abrasions
  • Lacerations
  • Superficial pressure ulcers
  • Closed surgical wounds
  • Prevention of skin breakdown

Directions for use:

  1. Choose a dressing size that is large enough to allow the dressing to adhere to dry, healthy skin around the site. The dressing may be trimmed or overlapped.
  2. Gently cleanse the wound area and dry surrounding skin.
  3. Remove white backing paper.
  4. Apply dressing and remove small white side cap.
  5. Remove transparent backing sheet.
  6. Change as indicated by wound condition and existing protocol.

Mepore Film Instructions


  • Should not be used on full-thickness wounds involving muscle, tendon, bone or on third-degree burns.
  • Should not be used for patients who are sensitive to acrylic adhesive.


  • If reused performance of the product may deteriorate, cross contamination may occur.
  • Sterile. Do not use if inner package is damaged or opened prior to use. Do not re-sterilize.
Product no Size cm Pcs/box Pcs/case
270600 6 x 7 100 600
271500 10 x 12.7 70 210
272500 10 x 25 20 100
273000 15 . 21.5 10 50

Mepore® Film is packaged sterile in single packs

When to use Mepore Film

Mepore Film is intended for a wide range of wounds in the granulation phase such as superficial burns, IV sites, abrasions, lacerations, donor sites, superficial pressure ulcers, closed surgical wounds and may help to prevent skin breakdown. It can be used as a conformable fixation device or as a secondary dressing to cover dressings such as hydrogels, alginates and foam dressings. Should not be used directly on full thickness wounds involving muscle, tendon or bone or on third degree burns.
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