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A history of innovation in health care

We have a proud history of developing solutions that increase hospital efficiency, protect both patients and health care professionals against surgical infections, and offer effective wound healing.

Molnlycke product innovations



Mölnlycke AB is founded as a textile business in the town of Mölnlycke, Sweden - not far from the company's current headquarters in Gothenburg


We invent Mesorb®, pioneering the industrial manufacturing of wound dressings in Sweden, replacing thouse produced manually in hospitals.


We introduce a range of new materials and techniques designed to reduce the spread of bacteria, such as OP-Plast for surgical drapes.


Work begins on developing the soft silicone-based technology that would become Safetac® and revolutionize wound care.


With Mepitel®, we launch the first product using Safetac®.


Biogel® Reveal is introduced, the first surgical double glove with a colour indicator system to visibly detect punctures.


ProcedurePak®, allows medical teams to order all the items tehy need for a surgical intervention in one customized pack.


We launch Mepilex® Ag, the first antimicrobial dressing with silver and Safetac®.


We introduce Avance®, combining the benefits of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy with the comfort of Safetac® for easy dressing removal.

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