Emissions, energy and water

Emissions, energy and water

Emission reduction

We are firmly committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this, we have set local targets for reducing emissions from transportation. We are actively working to reduce air freight and increase the fill rate of trucks by optimizing routes and deliveries to our customers, so fewer journeys are needed. In collaboration with our transportation partners, we measure CO2 emissions from transport of raw materials to factories, goods travelling between factories, and finished goods going to our warehouses.

Energy consumption

We measure and monitor consumption with the sincere aim to reduce the amount of energy we use in our factories wherever possible. During the period 2011-2014 we reduced energy consumption by 11 percent, and in 2015 we made a reduction of another 4 percent. Some of the processes required to produce high-quality, sterile medical and surgical products are energy intensive and we are focusing on how we can make these more energy efficient.

Water consumption

Following our eight percent decrease in fresh water consumption between 2011 and 2014, we continuously strive to reduce the amount of water we use compared to the previous year.

For information about our health and safety performance, please download our Sustainability Report (677 KB, pdf).

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