Our environmental policy

Our environmental policy

Mölnlycke Health Care is a world-leading manufacturer of wound care and single-use surgical products and a service provider to the healthcare sector.

We are committed to doing business in a sustainable manner and strive to improve our performance to benefit our customers, patients, employees, communities, shareholders, and the environment.

To achieve our environmental goals we will minimize our environmental impact across the globe, from research and development to manufacturing and logistics, to commercial activities, without compromising the premium quality of our products and services.

Our focus is on reducing our most significant environmental impacts from transportation and energy consumption, to water usage and waste recycling. We assure regulatory compliance.

Our environmental approach

We have a structured environmental approach in place to ensure we deliver our policy and objectives:

Environmental management

Environmental management is a core part of our corporate management system Succeed. At a global level, we develop strategies, policies and objectives to ensure compliance and continuous improvement. At a local level, all of our sites are responsible for complying with environmental legislation, implementing the company policy and meeting our environmental objectives.

Waste management

We always seek to use materials more efficiently to reduce the amount of potentially harmful waste we generate. This includes reviewing the type and quality of materials we source as well as the way we make and package our finished goods. Each of our factories has targets and actions in place to reduce waste. We are committed to good recycling practices and also recommend our customers to recycle packaging materials such as cardboard and corrugated board.

Materials and chemicals

Wherever possible, we remove potentially hazardous chemicals from our manufacturing processes and products and replace them with equally effective, but less harmful solutions.

We comply with the European Union (EU) chemical legislation REACH (Regulation, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) and we use a traffic light system, approved by the British Standards Institute (BSI), to classify raw materials during product development. This includes life cycle assessments of environmental impact at every stage, from production to product use and waste handling. Any materials classified red are considered hazardous to the environment and are only used where there is no alternative from a technical, economic or patient safety point of view. All our factories continuously monitor the amount of chemicals used on site to ensure that their consumption is kept to a minimum.

Emissions reduction

We are firmly committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this, we have set local targets for reducing emissions from transportation. We are actively working to reduce air freight and increase the fill rate of trucks by optimising routes and deliveries to our customers, so fewer journeys are needed. In collaboration with our transportation partners, we measure CO2 emissions from transport of raw materials to the factories, goods travelling between factories, and finished goods going to our warehouses.

Energy and water consumption

We do not have a company-wide target for energy and water consumption. However, we do measure and monitor consumption and we aim to reduce the amount of energy and water we use in our factories wherever possible.

Some of the processes required to produce high-quality, sterile medical and surgical products are energy intensive and use water, we are focusing on how we can make these more energy efficient..

For information about our environmental performance, download our Sustainability Report.

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