Community support policy

Our community support policy

Our community support is designed to help us play an active role in the community. We receive many requests for donations to good causes at both a global and a local level. We are committed to meeting as many of these as we can, where it is appropriate, possible and practical to do so. To ensure that our support is appropriate, the organisations we support should meet these key requirements. They should:

  • clearly state their mission and purpose
  • work in the medical field
  • be actively engaged in working to improve patients’ lives, to improve medical staff protection, or to increase the level of knowledge in the medical field
  • provide credible and measurable results
  • produce research based on solid scientific facts.

The initiatives we support must also be line with Advamed or Eucomed guidance.

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For contacting our head office or other local market offices, please refer to the company directory.

For product complaints or adverse events, please contact us using the Adverse event report form.


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